8 Tablets for Dogs Cestal Plus (Ceva) with liver flavor for nematodosis and cestodosis

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1 Pack = 8 tablets

Manufacturer :    Ceva  ( France )


In one tablet

as the active ingredients :

Praziquantel – 50 mg

Pirantel ethbonate – 144 mg

Fenbendazole – 200 mg


Pharmacological properties:

Cestal Plus has a wide range of anthelmintic action. Praziquantel, a part of the drug, is active against cestodes Taenia spp., Dipylidium caninum, Echinococcus spp. The mechanism of action of praziquantel is to increase the permeability of cell membranes of helminth for calcium ions, which causes generalized reduction of the parasite musculature, turning into a persistent paralysis. Praziquantel induces vacuolization and subsequent destruction of parasite segments, which leads to loss of cellular components and rapid death of helminth. Praziquantel is quickly and almost completely absorbed in the intestine, well distributed in most organs, excreted with urine in metabolized form. Pirantela embonate is active against nematodes, including Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, causes paralysis and contracture of skeletal muscles in parasites. Pirantela embonate is partially absorbed in intestine, quickly metabolized in animal body, excreted mainly with feces. The mechanism of action of fenbendazole, acting detrimentally on nematodes, is inhibition of fumaratreductase enzyme system of the parasite, leading to disruption of energy metabolism and death of the helminth. Cestal Plus belongs to the group of compounds low-toxic for warm-blooded animals; it has no embryotoxic and teratogenic effect at recommended doses.


Indications :

Prophylactic and therapeutic use in dogs against nematode diseases (toxocariasis, toxascariasis, uncyonariasis, ankylostomiasis, trichocephaliasis) and cestode diseases (dipilidiosis, difillobotriasis, echinococcosis, teniasis).


Doses and method of administration :

Cestal Plus is administered to dogs individually, once in the morning feeding with a small amount of food (with a piece of meat, sausage, with minced meat, porridge) at the rate of puppies over 3 weeks of age and small dogs weighing :

Up to 4.4lb (2 kg) in an amount of 1/4 tablet;
For dogs weighing 4.4-11lb (2-5kg): 1/2 tablet;
Dogs 11-22lb (5 – 10 kg) – 1 tablet;
22-44lb (10 – 20 kg) – 2 tablets;
Weight 44-66lb (20 – 30 kg) – 3 tablets;
Weight 66-88lb (30 – 40 kg) – 4 tablets;
88-110lb (40-50kg) – 5 tablets.

In case animal refuses to eat food with anthelmintic, the drug shall be administered forcibly on the root of the tongue or in the form of water suspension. To prepare the suspension the tablet shall be crushed, suspended in 10 ml of water, shaken vigorously and immediately injected into the animal with a syringe with catheter at the rate of 1 ml of suspension per 1 kg of animal weight. Prior starvation diet and application of laxatives before deworming is not required. In case of severe infestation the drug shall be used repeatedly after 14 days. For preventive purposes deworming quarterly, as well as before vaccination and mating.


Side effects :

Hypersensitive animals may have allergic reactions. With proper use and dosage side effects are usually not observed.


Contraindications :

Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components. Do not use in puppy bitches in the first two-thirds of the period of pregnancy and puppies under 3 weeks of age. Do not use simultaneously with piperazine.


Storage Conditions :

With caution. Protected from light and moisture, out of reach of children and animals at 5 to 20 ° C.

Shelf life – 2 years.



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