2,2lb ( 1000g Fenbendazole ultra 20% ) Antihelminthic powder Oral dogs,cats,cattle analogues Panacur®,Benzelmin®,Safe-Guard®,Synanthic®

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NADA # 121-473, Approved by FDA


Odourless powder from white to creamy


The line-up:
1 gram of the preparation contains

the active ingredient:

Fenbendazole 200 mg.




For deworming cattle, small ruminants (sheep, goats), horses, pigs, dogs, cats, fur animals (foxes, foxes), rabbits, poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese), ducks) in the case of nematodes of the families Ascarididae, Ascaridiidae, Ancylostomatidae, Anisakidae, Dictyocaulidae, Amidostomatidae, Metastrongylidae, Oxyuridae, Trichonematidae, Trichostrongylidae, Trichuridae, Tetrameridae, Strongyloidae, Strongylidae, the Anoplocephalidae and Taeniidae family sequences, and trematodes from the Dicrocoeliidae families.




Dogs,cats          1,5-2,5gr/10kg=22lb        3 days (apply 1 time per day)

Cattle              0,5-1,5gr/10kg=22lb              2-4 days (apply 1 time per day)

Horses             0,4-0.8gr/10kg=22lb        2-4 days (apply 1 time per day)

Goats,sheep    1,0-2,0gr/10kg=22lb             2-4 days (apply 1 time per day)

Pigs                    0,5-1,0gr/10kg=22lb            2-5 days ( give 1 per day)

Rabbits             0,5-0,8gr/10kg=22lb            2-5 days ( give 1 per day)

Chickens, ducks, geese      0,5gr/10kg=22lb           4-5 days (reception 1 time per day)

The preparation is mixed with feed during morning feeding.




Do not use simultaneously with trematocidal drugs due to the possibility of symptoms of intolerance to the drugs.




slaughtering of animals for meat (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits) is allowed after 10 days, poultry – after 3 days, the use of internal organs (liver, lungs, heart) – after 20 days; consumption of milk for human consumption – after 3 days after the last application of the drug. Meat and milk are fed to unproductive animals before this date.




Dry, dark, inaccessible for children at temperatures ranging from -5 ° C to 30 ° C (23-85F)

Do not store together with food, beverages, including animal feed. 3 years from the date of manufacture




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