10 grams ( Thiopental sodium ) dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses for anaesthesia with a short surgical or diagnostic intervention analogue of the Pentothal

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1 gram – 1 pack x 10 = 10 pack 10 gram



1 gram of the preparation contains:

Thiopental sodium – 950 mg

Anhydrous sodium carbonate – 50 mg


Powder of light yellow color, finely crystalline, hygroscopic, with a slight specific odor.

Pharmacological properties

Sodium thiopental – a derivative of barbituric acid from the group of thiobarbiturates, causes rapid inhibition of CNS GABC-receptors, provides instant anesthetic, hypnotic and sleeping pills effect.

The drug promotes myorelaxation by inhibiting polysynaptic reflexes and inhibiting their conduction by spinal cord insertion neurons, reduces the intensity of metabolic processes in the brain, brain glucose and oxygen utilization. The sleeping effect is manifested in the acceleration of the sleep process and changes in the sleep structure. Depending on the dose, it depresses the respiratory center and reduces its sensitivity to carbon dioxide, has a cardiodepressive effect.


They are used for domestic and productive animals (dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses) as an independent means of anesthesia in case of short surgical or diagnostic intervention (not more than 20-25 minutes), as well as for introductory and basic anesthesia with subsequent use of other analgesics or myorelaxants.

In case of critical condition of sick animals (with hopeless diagnosis), the drug is used for rapid and painless euthanasia.


How to use and doses

To inject animals into anesthesia the preparation is used intravenously, the dose is 7-15 mg per 2.2 lb ( 1 kg ).

The first third of the injection is injected slowly to prevent respiratory failure, the second third – after respiratory stabilization, the rest of the drug – after the end of tachycardia.

When using the drug (especially for dogs), it is advisable to carry out premedication, it can reduce the dose of the drug, avoid possible excitement, shorten the period of withdrawal from anesthesia.

Other anesthetics are used to achieve longer anesthesia.

In some cases, one repeated injection is allowed provided that the total dose of sodium thiopental does not exceed 35 mg per 2.2 lb (1 kg) body weight.

The dose of 60 mg per 2.2 lb (1 kg) of body weight is used for fast and painless euthanasia of animals.



Do not use solutions with active substance content less than 1.5%. When injected into a vein do not allow solution to get into subcutaneous tissue, it may cause its necrosis.

Aminazine, amicacin sulfate, atropine sulfate, hydromorphine, dimedrol, dimenhydrinate, ditylin, insulin, morphine sulfate, Ringer’s solution, antibiotics from penicillin and tetracycline groups are not compatible with sodium thiopental.

The drug is sold on behalf of veterinary medicine companies or by prescription of a veterinarian.



Do not prescribe to animals with liver and kidney dysfunction, with fever, severe exhaustion. Do not administer to the arteries!


Storage conditions

In the manufacturer’s package, in a dark place at temperatures up to 77F (+25 ° C).

Use the ready solution within a day.

Shelf life from the date of manufacture is  – 3 years.


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