500 grams ( Robenidine hydrochloride ) chickens, turkeys, rabbits Coccidiostatics,Antiprotozoic analogue of Robenz®

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1 pack = 1.1lb = 500 grams

Composition :

contains 1 gram of the preparation:

Robenidine hydrochloride – 100 mg



Description :

Powder of light brown color.

Pharmacological properties : light brown powder :

Robenidine hydrochloride is a strong synthetic coccidiostatic acting on emeria at the stages of first and second generation schizones, selectively disrupts the energy exchange of emeria cells, negatively affects the process of nucleus division, which leads to the death of parasites.

The preparation is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is quickly removed from the body of animals. Thus, only 20-40% of the total dose received by chickens is absorbed and removed with feces of 60-65% on average. In rabbits, these figures are 17 and 80%.



Readings :

Treatment and prevention of animals in eimeriosis; enteritis, diarrhea; caused:

– chickens (broilers and repair young animals) – E. brunetti, E. tenella, E. acervulina, E. maxima, E. necatrix, E. praecox;

– turkeys – E. adenoeides, E. meleagrimitis, E. gallopanovis;

– rabbits – E. magna, E. media, E. stiedae.


How to use and doses :

The drug is used with feed in the following doses:

– Chicken broilers, turkeys – 300-360 grams for 2200lb (1000kg) of feed (hydrochloride robenidine – 30-36 mg for 2.2lb (1 kg) of feed), the course for turkeys – from the first day of life to 4 months, for chicken broilers – the entire period of cultivation;

– rabbits – 500-660 grams for 2200lb (1000kg) of feed (hydrochloride robenidine – 50-66 mg for 2.2lb (1 kg) of feed). , the course – the whole period of cultivation.

The drug is compatible with vitamin and other fodder additives used in poultry farming and rabbit breeding.



Cautions :

Persons who come into contact with the drug must wear protective clothing, a respirator, gloves and safety goggles. In case of contact with the drug, wash eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

After the last use of the preparation slaughter of poultry and rabbits for meat is allowed in 5 days. Meat obtained before this period can be used only for feeding carnivorous animals.



Contraindications :

Do not appoint laying hens, whose eggs are eaten by people. Do not use with feed antibiotics.

Storage conditions : Do not use the eggs with feed antibiotics:

In a dry, dark place inaccessible to children at temperatures between 40-77F (+4 to +25 ° C).

Store dry feed mixture at room temperature and use for 3 months.


Shelf life – 3 years.



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