2,2lb ( 1000grams Xeroform ) filler for purulent wounds of cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats

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1 gram of the active ingredient

yellow powder contains

– 0.99mg Xeroform


Pharmaceutical applications:

Xeroform is a drug with drying, antiseptic and astringent properties. It is used for diseases of the mucous membranes and skin.

In medical practice, the use of Xeroform is due to its ability to narrow blood vessels, dry wounds, reduce exudation (withdrawal from inflammation of the liquid part of the blood), reduce inflammation, reduce sensitivity, and destroy pathogenic bacteria. Xeroform is applied in the form of a powder externally, as well as in 3-10% powders and ointments.

Disinfecting, astringent and drying salt Xeroform is used for inflammatory lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. The disinfecting effect is due to the bactericidal effect of the drug on microorganisms, a violation of their ability to bind to cell membranes. The result is coagulation of proteins.

The drug belongs to derivatives of carbolic acid, bismuth metal, has an antimicrobial effect on inflamed skin foci, in the surface layer of the epithelium. Tribromophenolate has an antimicrobial effect due to the oxidation of enzyme compounds of pathogenic microbes, which leads to their death. In addition, phenol completely denatures the protein structures of the cell wall, the cytoplasmic membrane of microorganisms, which destroys the cell, and leads to the suppression of the reproduction of microbes.

The astringent effect is characterized by the fact that when applied to wounds and mucous membranes, the powder leads to the effect of dehydration, partial destruction of peptides, which protects the tissues affected by the inflammatory process from the action of irritating factors. The medicine has local anti-inflammatory, weak analgesic, hemostatic effects.

The mechanism of the drug’s work is due to its ability to interact with tissue proteins, to form sparingly soluble albuminates, during the deposition of which a protective film is formed. It protects the sensitivity of nerve endings from irritation. Due to the stimulation of tissues and the destruction of surface cells, local blood circulation is enhanced, cell division is activated, and the inflow of tissue fluid increases.

Additionally, the antiseptic Xeroform helps to narrow the lumen of blood vessels, suppress enzymatic activity, reduce the permeability of blood vessels, and the amount of exudate secreted. Due to the action of the drug, the activity of pathogenic microbes decreases, wounds dry out, the sensitivity of the skin decreases, inflammation becomes less pronounced, the processes of regeneration and healing of the affected tissues are accelerated.

Such effects of the drug become noticeable in the tissues affected by the inflammatory process. This is expressed by a decrease in exudation, limitation or even cessation of the release of leukocytes, a decrease in the rate of suppuration. When an astringent is combined with the blood, proteins are precipitated and the blood clots. The antiseptic effect is due to the creation of conditions unfavorable for the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms. The instructions do not provide information on the pharmacokinetics of the drug. It has low toxicity and does not irritate the skin.


Indications for use :

Xeroform ointment, powder, powder are intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin, mucous membranes. According to the instructions for use, their indications are:

skin dermatitis, including diaper dermatitis in a child;
ulcerative, erosive lesions of the skin and mucous membranes;
abscesses, boils, lymphadenitis;
burns, frostbite, bedsores, diaper rash, irritation after insect bites;
mechanical scratches, abrasions, wounds, other injuries;
eye diseases, purulent-inflammatory diseases of the cornea, conjunctival membrane;
cracks in the epidermis;
maceration (softening of tissues);
acute or exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the lymphatic trunks and capillaries due to pyoinflammatory processes, lymphangitis;
skin lesions caused by a pathogenic infection;
postoperative purulent and weeping wounds against the background of the development of negative microflora;
as a repellent against mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects;
healing of the umbilical wound in newborns.


Instructions for the use of Xeroform

Xeroform ointment, powder and dusting are used only externally. All forms of release are applied to cleansed wound surfaces. According to the instructions, powder and dusting powder are used in a thin layer 2-3 times a day. Due to the increased hygroscopicity, they adsorb sweat, exudate, excess sebum, increase evaporation from the surface, and heat transfer rates. Ointment or paste is applied to cleansed wounds, covered with 5-6 layers of gauze bandage.


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