20ml ( Cloprostenol ) for animals to strengthen contractions in complicated childbirth, functional disorders of the ovaries

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The line-up:


1 ml of the preparation contains


cloprostenol sodium salt – 0.25 mg




Pharmacological properties:


Cloprostenol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin P2-alpha, which in the luteal period

Sexual cycle phases in females cause regression of the yellow body and promote the growth and development of follicles.




Cows, heifers, heifers, heifers to strengthen contractions in complicated labor, accelerate uterine involution, detain afterbirth, endometritis therapy in combination with antimicrobials, for regression of the persistent yellow body, regression of yellow body cysts, to stimulate and synchronize estrus during insemination.

Sows for stimulation and synchronization of farrows.

Mare for estrus stimulation and regression of persistent yellow body.

Dogs, cats in complex therapy of chronic endometritis and for termination of unwanted pregnancy.





Females of all kinds are injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Cows, calves, heifers:

– in case of labor complications – 2 ml per 880lb (400 kg) of body weight. For every 110 lb (50 kg) of higher (lower) weight the dose increases (decreases) by 0.3 ml.

– in case of ovarian functional disorder – 2 ml 3-3.5 days before the desired insemination period. In the absence of signs of heat reintroduction of the drug is carried out on the eleventh day after the first injection.

After 3-3.5 days, two inseminations is performed regardless of the signs of heat.

Sows – 0,5-0,7 ml.

Mare – 1 ml. The most favorable period for mating comes on 4-6 days after the introduction.

Dogs – 0,2-0,3 ml.

Cats – 0.1 ml; 3-5 such injections are necessary for abortion at intervals of 12 hours.





Females are highly likely to be aborted when introduced in the first third of pregnancy.



All milk received from the first milking product after the introduction of the drug is sent only to the animals for milking.



In a dark place at temperatures between 40-65F (5 and 20°C).

Shelf life – 2 years from the date of manufacture.



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