1,76lb ( 800 grams ) Mineral-vitamin-amino acid additive for chickens from birth till 60 days

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2 packs 400 x 2 =800grams = 1.76lb

A loose powder of yellowish-brown colour with a specific odour.

The additive for chickens is intended for fattening of a bird from birth to 60 days of age.

Additive for chickens is added to a dry mishmash or cooled feed, mixing daily at the rate of 10 grams to 2.2lb (1 kg) feed.

One teaspoon contains about 5 grams, the tablespoon – 15 grams.

Regular use of the additive provides:

– saving of feed, acceleration of poultry growth,

– to improve and enhance immunity;

– prevention of various diseases.


The chickens are kept in:

Vitamins: A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B4, B6, B12, N;

Microelements: manganese, zinc, copper, iodine, cobalt, calcium;

Amino acids: methionine, lysine;

Pharmacological properties:

The action of the mineral and vitamin supplement for chickens due to the properties of individual components (vitamins, trace elements) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the body, have a positive effect on the safety of poultry.


Prevention of hypovitaminosis, microelementosis, optimization of metabolism, increasing productivity and safety of poultry.


Do not use the additive for birds of other species and age groups.

Warning: Do not use the additive for other species and age groups:

Generally accepted hygiene regulations must be observed.

Do not make additional feed balanced with vitamins and mineral elements.

Storage :

Dry, dark place at temperatures between 32-86F (0°C and 30°C) and relative humidity not exceeding 70%.

Do not store together with foodstuffs, drinks.


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