100ml Catosal® 10% ( Butaphosphane + Cyancobalamin ) Bayer Digestive tract and metabolism of vitamins with minerals of cows, bulls, calves, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, fur animals, poultry

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100 ml of the preparation contain

active ingredients:

Butaphosphane – 10 grams;

Cyancobalamin – 0.005 grams.

Methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate – 0.1 grams



Pharmacological action:

Catosal 10% – metabolic stimulant and tonic. The active substances that are part of the preparation Katozal 10%, have a stimulating effect on the metabolic processes (protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism), increase the body’s resistance to adverse factors, promote animal growth and development.



Indications for use:

– metabolic disorders caused by poor feeding, keeping animals, various diseases;
– disorders of feeding, development due to diseases in the breeding of young animals;
– to stimulate labor activity and as an aid in the treatment of hypocalcemia;
– postnatal disease, exhaustion, after severe births, as well as an auxiliary tool in the treatment of infertility;
– in titanic syndromes and paresis;
– in a weakened state in animals;
– at secondary anemia, anemia at helminthiasis;
– to increase the resistance of the body;
– for acceleration and reduction of molting process in poultry, as well as in cannibalism;
– to increase muscle activity in healthy animals.


Catosal® is also widely used for healthy animals:
It is used to stimulate growth in puppies in dogs and furry animals;

In metaphylactic treatment to increase reproductive capacity and breeding success;
Against developmental disorders in order to grow a healthy animal;

In the presence of vital weakness and diseases in newborns, in weakened calves, as well as in all growth disorders, it is important to reactivate metabolic disorders. In this case, Katosal® has a fast, comprehensive and reliable action.
Increased muscle activity in healthy animals;

Catosal® promotes the formation of glucogen, mobilises energy reserves and thus increases the strength and endurance of the animals.
In addition, it increases the body’s resistance by activating metabolism.


How to use it:

Catosal 10% is applied to animals intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously or with drinking water (poultry).




horses and cattle – 10-25 ml;

foals and calves – 5-12 ml;

sheep, goats – 2.5-8 ml;

lambs – 1.5-2.5 ml;

pigs – 2.5-10 ml;

piglets, 1.5-2.5 ml;

dogs – 0.5-5 ml;

cats, fur animals – 0.5-2.5 ml.

If necessary, the drug is injected again on the next day.

For poultry Catosal 10% is added to drinking water at the calculation:
Chickens and young animals – 1-1.5 ml. per 1 liter of drinking water;
broilers and laying hens – 2-3 ml. per 1 liter of drinking water.
In chronic diseases, as well as healthy animals are prescribed half a dose of Catosal 10% of the above. If necessary, the treatment with Catozal 10% is repeated in 5-14 days.



Side effects:

Usually, if the recommended dosage is followed, no side effects occur. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur.



Contraindication for use of Catosal is the presence of hypersensitivity of the animal or poultry to any of the components of the drug.


Interaction with other drugs:
Taking the drug does not exclude the use of antibacterial drugs.


Conditions of storage:

Store the drug in a dry, light-proof place at temperatures between 40-77F (5 to 25 ° C).


Shelf life:

of the preparation under conditions of storage – 5 years from the date of manufacture.



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