1.76lb ( 800 grams ) Mineral-vitamin-amino acid supplement Start for Broilers 1-4 weeks

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2 packs 400 x 2 =800grams = 1.76lb

A loose powder of yellowish-brown colour with a specific odour.

Pharmacological properties :

Effect of the mineral-vitamin supplement for broilers

Start of 1-4 weeks due to the properties of individual components (vitamins, trace elements) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the body, a positive effect on the safety of birds.


Prevention of hypovitaminosis, microelementosis, increasing productivity and safety of poultry.

Additive is fed to broilers aged 1-4 weeks to balance diets of vitamins and trace elements.

Dosage :

Additive is made in the feed for broilers 1-4 weeks of age at the rate of ( 1.76lb / 176lb (800 grams / 80 kg) mixed feed).

The ready mixed fodder is suitable no more than 3 days.


Do not use the additive for birds of other species and age groups.

Cautions: Do not use the additive for other species and age groups:

Generally accepted hygiene regulations must be observed.

Do not make additional feed balanced with vitamins and mineral elements.

Storage :

Dry, dark place at temperatures between 32-86F (0°C and 30°C) and relative humidity not exceeding 70%.
Do not store together with foodstuffs, drinks.


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