1.76lb (800 grams) Mineral-vitamin-amino acid supplement Finish for Broilers 5-8 weeks

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2 packs 400 x 2 =800grams = 1.76lb

A loose powder of yellowish-brown colour with a specific odour.


2.2lb (1 kg) of additives contains:

Vitamin A 2.4 MO
Vitamin D3 0.6 MO
Vitamin E 6000mg
Vitamin K3 400mg
Vitamin C 10000mg
Vitamin B1 400mg
Vitamin B2 600mg
Vitamin B3 (pantothenic acid) 2000mg
Vitamin B4 (choline chloride) 100000mg
Vitamin B5 (nicotinic acid) 5000mg
Vitamin B6 600mg
Vitamin All (folic acid) 100mg
Vitamin B12 10mg
Vitamin H (biotin) 20mg
Zinc (Zn) 12000mg
Mangan (Mn) 20000mg
Kuprum (Сц) 600mg
Farm (Fe) 2000mg
Yodine (I) 150mg
Cobalt (Co) 240mg
Selenium (Se) 40mg

Pharmacological properties:

The effect of mineral and vitamin supplement for broilers Finish 5-8 weeks due to the properties of individual components (vitamins, trace elements) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the body, have a positive effect on the safety of poultry.


Prevention of hypovitaminosis, microelementosis, optimization of metabolism, increasing productivity and safety of poultry.

The supplement is fed to broilers aged 5-8 weeks in order to balance diets according to vitamins and trace elements.


Additive is made in feed for broilers 5-8 weeks of age at the rate of ( 1.76lb / 176lb (800 grams / 80 kg) mixed feed).

The ready mixed fodder is suitable no more than 3 days.


Do not use the additive for birds of other species and age groups.

Warning: Do not use the additive for other species and age groups:

Generally accepted hygiene regulations must be observed.

Do not make additional feed balanced with vitamins and mineral elements.

Storage :

Dry, dark place at temperatures between 32-86F (0°C and 30°C) and relative humidity not exceeding 70%.
Do not store together with foodstuffs, drinks.


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